1. You want the BEST. Of course! Seriously. Massage Snob offers some of the best bodywork you can get in L.A. and every session is exceptional and tailored to be the perfect session for YOU.


2. Bonus therapies create a synergistic result that is better than just massage alone. Therapies may include: aromatherapy to enhance calm, focus and breathing,  gua sha, IASTM, e-stim, deep heat, customized music for brain synchronization and healing, cupping therapy (pictured)

    a grounding pad, and KT taping for injury recovery. Additional bodywork techniques may include: lymphatic detox, triggerpoint, Trager oscillation techniques, ART physical therapy (active release technique), hypnotic massage (massage with hypnosis and guided imagery), 

    3. Professionalism: all sessions delivered on time, with a kind and caring spirit, and high quality equipment and oils. 

    4. All gifts are presented with flowers for the table, aromamister for the space, and cupcakes or sweet treats! 

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    Massage Snob • Exceptional massage by appointment only eLi@MassageSnobs.com • 310/780-1806 • Culver City CA 90034